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Freedom EMG offers a Customer Rewards Program. This program is to reward your company for putting your trust into Freedom Sales & Marketing by booking new business with us; the more business you book the more points you earn. We appreciate your business and want you to gain from it. The good thing is if there is more than one buyer with your company you each will have a separate account within your company so that you both can get the rewards.;

How do you accumulate points you ask? Simple you earn points based on the dollar amount of your companies invoice that has shipped to you, in your name. For each $100 of an invoice value, you will receive 1 point. For instance, if you placed an order with Freedom worth $5500.00 you would receive 55 points once your company gets the new invoice. Keep in mind that you must be registered to accumulate rewards points and then they will start generating on your invoices within 24-48 hours after registration.;

Your points become available each night. Our TALON system is updated with the day's invoices, so if your order ships today, you will see your points tomorrow morning. Keep in mind your item may not ship until the invoice has been paid.

If there is an RMA for an order, the value will be applied to your Rewards points. To keep things simple, all RMAs will be applied to the Rewards points. For example, if you placed a $5,500 order, you would have received 55 points when we invoiced your company. If an RMA is then issued for $2,000, your points will be subtracted by 20 points.

How do you get rewarded for your business? Simply click here to register.

Now its pretty simple to keep track of your points and view the catalog. Just log in and you can track your invoices and points right from Freedom EMG website. To view our catalog click here.

If there is something that isn't in our catalog that you want to use your points towards, give us a call and we will do our best to see what we can do for your requested item. You may also turn your points into a payment towards your future orders with Freedom, just remember each point is worth one dollar, so if you have 55 points you can take advantage of $55 off your invoice.

Just want cash!!! Its one point for every dollar you spend. For example you want a $100.00 gift card it would be 100 points. You can not cash out your points, you can only receive a gift card for the cash amount.

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